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Be kind. Encourage compassion. Inspire creativity. Nurture courage. Grow your mind.

Superhero Training: The Empathy Adventure

February 29, 2024

Are you and your kids ready to embark on an extraordinary adventure into the world of empathy and newfound friendships? Imagine empathy as a hidden superpower that allows us to feel what others feel, to walk in their shoes, and to see the world through their eyes. This isn’t just any superpower—it’s one that can transform the world, one kind heart at a time.

Raising my son, Guion, who happens to have Down syndrome, I’ve witnessed firsthand the transformative power of empathy. Our world, rich in diversity yet often limited in understanding, needs more superheroes equipped with the power of empathy. By embracing our differences and learning to see through each other’s eyes, we’re not just building friendships; we’re nurturing a more inclusive and compassionate world.

One simple way we can encourage empathy in our kids is through play, and I have an activity that you and your kids are sure to enjoy. 

Let’s Play: What I Think I Know vs. What I Learned 

This game is more than just play—it’s a gateway to understanding and celebrating the uniqueness of those around us. It teaches us that our preconceived notions are often just the tip of the iceberg, and by taking the time to really listen and learn from others, we embark on a never-ending journey of friendship and fun.

Ready to unlock the superpower of empathy in your child? Let’s turn them into the empathy superheroes our world so dearly needs! 

How to Play: 

  1. Prepare for the Adventure: Download and print the game for all participants here
  2. Guessing Game: Pick someone you don’t know well and guess their answers to the questions.
  3. The Interview: Now, turn guesswork into knowledge by asking your person the same questions.  
  4. Reflect and Discover: Compare and discuss the answers.
    • What surprised you?
    • What did you guess right?
    • What was unexpected?  
    • How did it feel to learn new things about a new person?

Playing “What I Think I Know vs. What I Learned” with a new friend or even a sibling offers a powerful lesson for our children: the perceptions we hold about others often don’t capture the full story. This simple yet impactful game serves as a vivid reminder that individuals are more than what meets the eye. In a world quick to judge, it’s crucial to teach our young ones the value of looking beyond first impressions to foster friendships that celebrate diversity and understanding.Taking this approach to getting to know others will ensure a journey to friendship and fun!  

Let’s Celebrate All Abilities

I strongly believe that similarities may bring us together, but it’s our differences that make this world a beautiful and colorful place. Showing our kids how to cherish each person’s unique qualities encourages an inclusive mindset and lays the foundation for a more compassionate and empathetic society. Do you want to teach your kids to see the world differently and celebrate all abilities? It’s simpler than you might think. A little curiosity and a journey of discovery together can open their eyes. Through fun and engaging activities like ‘What I Think I Know vs. What I Learned,’ we guide our children to understand and appreciate the diverse world around them.

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