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Be kind. Encourage compassion. Inspire creativity. Nurture courage. Grow your mind.

About Curious B.E.I.N.G.s

At Curious B.E.I.N.G.s, we believe in celebrating and embracing all abilities because diversity is the palette that colors our world. Founded on the belief that every child brings a unique perspective to the world, Curious B.E.I.N.G.s has evolved from a heartfelt children's book into a comprehensive educational platform aimed at fostering curiosity, compassion, and creativity in young minds.
It all started with a little lion and his big heart. As a parent of three wonderful children, my oldest, Guion (pronounced Guy-en), happens to have Down syndrome and he inspired me to shift the narrative around special needs. My experience led me to write "Guion The Lion," a children’s book that champions the idea that differences are not just to be accepted, but celebrated. This book laid the foundational stone of what Curious B.E.I.N.G.s would become.

Our Evolution

From that first story, Curious B.E.I.N.G.s has grown into something much larger—a platform where children learn to see the world through a lens of inclusivity and wonder. We now offer a variety of resources, including books, lesson plans, and interactive materials designed to nurture courage, grow minds, and inspire a generation of creative thinkers and kind-hearted leaders.

Choosing Curiosity

In today’s world, where divisions often take front stage, Curious B.E.I.N.G.s strives to remind us of the importance of unity and understanding. Through the whimsical adventures of Guion the Lion and friends, we invite children to explore, ask questions, and discover the joy in diversity before they begin making judgments and assumptions about the world around them. 
Explore our resources and join a community dedicated to building a brighter, kinder future. Together, we can inspire a world where every child recognizes the beauty in differences and the value of every perspective.

Inspiring the Next Generation of Curious B.E.I.N.G.s

Curious B.E.I.N.G.s are who we aspire to be, and we want to take you and your kids along for the adventure of leading a kind and caring life.

As Curious B.E.I.N.G.s, we believe it’s important to . . .

  • Be Kind.
  • Encourage Compassion.
  • Inspire Creativity.
  • Nurture Courage.
  • Grow Your Mind.

Will you join us? We’re eager to step into this opportunity to grow and could not have done it without the loyal support of our Guion The Lion Friends.

We’d Love to Connect With You

Reach out to the Curious B.E.I.N.G.s team to share ideas, feedback, and questions. We can’t wait to hear from you!
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