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Curious B.E.I.N.G.s’ Pilot School Program

October 16, 2023

Hey awesome teachers! I’m Rebecca Wilson Macsovits, a proud Colorado mother of three amazing kids and the author of Guion The Lion.  My oldest son, Guion, is our very own superhero – he also happens to have Down syndrome. Guion’s vibrant spirit and unique perspective inspired me to create the fun world of Guion the Lion. In our book, we’ve got a special mission: to show readers that embracing differences doesn’t have to be tricky at all. Nope, it’s as simple as sparking a bit of curiosity and embarking on a new adventure, together.

We cherish diversity because it adds depth and richness to our world. When we talk about diversity, we embrace everyone, including those who are differently abled. EVERY individual is an essential part of our wonderfully diverse world, and one of our core principles is to treat everyone, regardless of their differences, with kindness and respect.  Thank you for helping spread this message throughout your classroom and your community!

Lesson Plan 1

This lesson plan is closely tied to the book’s message of seeing the world from a different perspective, which can lead to unimaginable fun.

Pre-K – A New Adventure: Seeing the World Differently

Kindergarten – A New Adventure: Seeing the World Differently

1st/2nd Grade – A New Adventure: Seeing the World Differently

Lesson Plan 2

This plan focuses on inclusivity and listening, emphasizing that everyone, regardless of their unique abilities, has hidden talents that might not be readily seen.

Pre-K – 2nd – Celebrate ALL Abilities: Embracing Inclusivity and Hidden Talents

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