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Bookish Play with Guion The Lion

June 30, 2023

We all know how difficult it can be to maintain a child’s attention while reading a children’s book aloud. That’s where bookish play comes in handy! Bookish play is a great way to introduce new children’s books and keep kids engaged with the story. 

What is Bookish Play? 

Bookish play is exactly what it sounds like — any play-based activity centered around a book. Fun, interactive activities based on children’s books can spark kids imagination, curiosity and creativity while really bringing the story to life. Bookish play allows children to gain a deeper understanding of the story, helps expand their vocabulary, and provides opportunities to practice sequencing and story retelling. Some examples of bookish play include:

  1. Storybook retelling: Children can act out and retell stories from their favorite books using props, costumes, or puppets. They can reenact scenes, assume the roles of different characters, and bring the story to life through imaginative play.
  1. Sensory storytelling: Enhance the reading experience by incorporating sensory elements. For example, if the book is about a farm, set up a sensory bin with hay, toy animals, and other tactile materials to engage children’s senses as they listen to the story.
  1. Book-themed scavenger hunts: Hide books or book-related items around the house or in a designated play area and encourage children to find them. You can give clues or create a treasure hunt inspired by their favorite books.
  1. Book-inspired art projects: Encourage children to create artwork based on their interpretations of the stories they read. They can draw, paint, or collage scenes from the books or create their own illustrations.

Bookish Play with Guion The Lion: Recyclable Art Activity

The story of Guion The Lion provides endless opportunities for your kids and students to engage in bookish play, such as this Recyclable Art Activity developed by Heather with @stop.drop.andplay.

Heather read the story of Guion The Lion to her son and encouraged him to use his imagination to create “recyclable art.” Interested in doing this activity with your kids? Follow these steps and watch this video for inspiration. 

Step 1: Gather recycled materials, loose parts, and art supplies. 

Step 2: Read “Guion The Lion” to your little learners.

Step 3: Encourage your little learners to be creative with the recycled materials and supplies to design something truly “fantabulous.” 

Step 4: Watch their creativity and imagination unfold! 

We’d love to see what your little learners create with recyclable materials! Share a photo on Instagram and tag @curious_b.e.i.n.g.s and @stop.drop.andplay!   

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