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8 End-of-Year Reflection Questions to Discuss with Your Kids

December 14, 2022

Reflection is a key link between goal setting and assessment. It not only helps us learn from failure, but also plays an important role in personal growth and goal setting. Of course, we learn by doing, but we can learn even more by doing and reflecting. Our experiences, successes, trials and failures can be our best teachers, if we take time to reflect on them. 

The end of one year and beginning of the next offers an opportunity to reflect back before planning ahead. Reflecting as a family can be a great way to intentionally connect and encourage one another while nurturing growth mindsets. 

Encourage your kids to assess the year by answering this list of reflective questions. Give them ample time to think about and/or write down their answers before asking them to share with the rest of the family. Let their answers spark conversation about learning from failure and practicing a growth mindset! Happy reflecting! 

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