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6 Children’s Books to Read to Celebrate Down Syndrome Awareness Month

October 3, 2022

October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month! Reading children’s books by authors with Down syndrome, inspired by people with Down syndrome or written by Down syndrome advocates is a great way to not only celebrate Down Syndrome Awareness month, but also spark a conversation about diversity with your kids. 

The Book of Hugs

Written by Tim Harris, author, motivational speaker and disability advocate, The Book of Hugs shares simple steps to follow to make sure you’re giving the very best hug you can give. Inspired by Tim Harris’s love for giving big bear hugs and his restaurant that offered up hugs on the menu, this charming book gives readers so many reasons to give someone a big hug!

Eli, Included

Written by Michelle, Sullivan, Eli, Included is about a boy named Eli who has Down syndrome.  This children’s book is perfect for any classroom, whether there is a child with Down syndrome in the class or not. The theme of this book is to help the next generation see that everyone has value and something to offer.

Born to Sparkle

Written by Megan Bomgaarss, Born to Sparkle shares the inspiring message behind Megan’s viral video, “Don’t Limit Me,” and encourages readers to follow whatever dreams they may have in order to find the sparkle inside of them. 

Different, A Great Thing to Be! 

Written by Heather Avis, Different–A Great Thing to Be!, is a joyful rhyming book that encourages children to value the “different” in all people with hopes of leading the way to a kinder world in which the differences in all of us are celebrated and embraced.

You Are Enough

Written by Margaret O’Hairs and inspired by Down syndrome advocate, Sofia Sanchez, 

You Are Enough is a beautiful and inclusive picture book all about celebrating being yourself. 

Guion The Lion

Written by Rebecca Wilson Macsovits and inspired by her son who has Down syndrome, Guion The Lion is about an imaginative little lion who sees things differently from his friends. 

Using colorful illustrations and charming animal characters, the story shows that new perspectives can open the door to unexpected fun. Rebecca’s hope is that the story encourages children, and parents alike, to embrace others’ differences and perspectives.

Let’s celebrate differences

Join Guion The Lion and our friends in celebrating the differences that make our world a beautiful and colorful place this month and all year long. Follow along on Facebook and Instagram!  

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