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6 Benefits of Coloring for Kids

January 2, 2023

Coloring is a classic early-childhood activity with many benefits. It not only keeps kids occupied with a box of crayons and paper, but also helps with improving fine motor skills and inspiring self-expression to name a few.  

Why we should encourage our kids to color

  1. Improves fine motor skills. 

Most practically, coloring allows children to improve their fine motor skills. Each time a child reaches for a crayon and puts it to paper, they are building the muscles in their fingers, hands and wrists while learning to manipulate small objects. Eventually, their coloring will transform from random scribbles all over the page to more controlled strokes. 

  1. Enhances hand-eye coordination. 

The simple acts of selecting crayon colors, holding crayons, using the crayon in a particular area on the page, and even sharpening crayons can all help children develop strong hand-eye coordination. 

  1. Helps develop focus. 

Focus is what helps kids see a task through from start to finish. As a “sitting-still activity,” coloring encourages kids to slow down and focus on a specific task. Coloring is a great focus-building activity for kids because coloring between designated lines requires more focus than free-form scribbling. Being able to focus is an important skill for children to learn, not only for their academic careers but for their professional careers, as well.  

  1. Inspires creativity and self-expression. 

Coloring has a unique way of igniting one’s imagination. The freedom of a blank page gives children the opportunity to color and create a world as they see it, making it a great vehicle for creativity and self-expression

  1. Releases and relaxes emotions. 

Coloring can also be a calming and therapeutic activity for kids. This peaceful activity can provide an outlet for processing happy, sad and confusing emotions and shift their focus from challenging situations.

  1. Builds confidence and self-esteem. 

The ability to complete a coloring sheet successfully builds a child’s self esteem and confidence. Coloring regularly and completing projects boosts a child’s sense of accomplishment and pride in themselves. Never neglect to be complimentary of the artwork they proudly share with you! 

Let’s Color! 

Let these benefits of coloring remind you that you don’t have to buy the latest technology to teach, grow and inspire curious, young minds. Grab some good, old fashioned crayons and coloring pages, and let their imagination take the wheel! 

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