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4 Spooktacular Halloween Activities that Support Social Emotional Learning

October 3, 2022

Halloween is the perfect time to make social emotional learning fun for kids. Bring the spirit of the season to your home or classroom this fall with these spooktacular Halloween activities. 

1. Explore Emotions with Pumpkin Feeling Faces 

Either print out outlines of pumpkins or use real pumpkins to serve as canvases for the kids participating. Each child gets two pumpkins to draw on. Ask the kids to draw two different feelings on the faces of the pumpkins.Once they’re done drawing, ask your kids what emotions each of their feelings faces represent. Ask them to come up with words that describe each emotion represented.

2. Put sensory skills to the test with What’s in the Trick-or-Treat Bag

Collect Halloween or fall-related objects. Put them all in a trick-or-treating bag or basket. Have kids take turns reaching into the bag to find an object. Can they guess what it is only by touch?

3. Get creative with Ghost Story Add-On

One person begins the ghost story by saying a few lines. The next person adds on to the story by saying “yes, and,” then taking the plot wherever they want. Each person in the group takes at least one turn. The story is finished when the group says it is. If your group is large, you may want to set a time limit for each player.

4. Read Halloween children’s books aloud

Reading children’s books aloud is always a great way to promote social emotional learning. Make storytime more festive with this round up of Hallooween books

We hope you enjoy these festive games and activities in your homes and classrooms this year. Happy Halloween!

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