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4 Classroom Activities that Cultivate Curiosity

January 31, 2023

Exploring curiosity is key for learning! In fact, Walden University explains that you’re more likely to remember information on a subject when you’re curious about it – this is especially true for kids. 

Curiosity is so much more than asking questions. It teaches children the power of being observant and exercising their active mind, and it can even add to the excitement of their young lives. Curiosity has even been proven important in nurturing healthy friendships. No matter what age your students are, encourage them to think outside of the box and express their creativity! 

Integrating curiosity into your course curriculum can greatly improve learning outcomes in the classroom. Join Curious B.E.I.N.G.s in cultivating curiosity in the classroom with these four entertaining activities that are perfect for a classroom setting.

Story Add-on

In this classroom activity one person begins the story by saying a few lines. The next adds on to the story by saying “yes, and,” then taking the plot wherever they want. Each person in the group takes at least one turn. The story is finished when the group says it is. If your group is large, set a time limit


Reading Aloud

Children’s books are great tools for inspiring curiosity. Reading opens students’ minds to new possibilities, ideas and worlds, sparking their desire to explore and wonder.


Whats In The Bag

Collect some toys or other things from around the classroom or playground. Put them in a bag. Ask your students to reach in the bag, find an object. Can they guess what it is only by touch? Ask a classmate to add items to make it more difficult.


Craft a Masterpiece

Let your kids’ imaginations soar with this easy activity! Give your students a mixture of random materials and let them use their imagination to create their own masterpiece. This simple craft gives students the opportunity to get curious and creative!




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