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Be kind. Encourage compassion. Inspire creativity. Nurture courage. Grow your mind.

Curiosity, Creativity, Courage!

Welcome, amazing preK-5th grade teachers!

We are thrilled to introduce you to Curious B.E.I.N.G.s - a place where children can be inspired and empowered to become their best selves through our fun and beautifully illustrated books and products.

Our mission is to nurture creativity, compassion, courage, and kindness in children, while fostering a growth mindset and curiosity. We believe that by encouraging children to embrace challenges and develop resilience, they can have a positive outlook on life and reach their full potential.

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Building Growth Mindset 
Fostering Social Emotional Learning

Guion the Lion book cover

Stories to Inspire and Empower Students

A pirate adventure, dinosaur sightings, a magical kingdom with dragons, and more await in the new book, Guion The Lion by Rebecca Wilson Macsovits. Little readers (and bigger ones, too!) will learn how appreciating differences and embracing others’ ideas can bring unimaginable fun!

Teachers are Roaring for Guion the Lion

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  • "Although Guion The Lion is labeled as a children’s book, its message easily applies to both kids as well as adults."

    –Anca Call, Mother and Public Relations Consultant
  • "This is such a sweet and relatable story! The representation of diverse thinking and unexpected friendships is something we need to shout from the mountain tops—for kids and adults alike! "

    –Rebekah Miño, Social Worker & Foster Mom
  • "Guion The Lion is as well written as it is beautifully illustrated . . . Valuing individuals differences and perspectives is a rich and much needed lesson for us all at any age. Well done!"

    –Jamie Baker, Retired Educator
Foster Curious Beings! Show your students the world is full of adventure if you know how to look at it!

Get to Know Guion and Friends!

  • Guion the Lion

    My favorite thing to do is swim.
    I am uniquely rainbow-colored.
    I am talented at ballet.
    Scribble art is my favorite activity.
    Being with Hoke makes me happy.
    I'm scared of a world without color.

    The Real Guion

    Daydreaming is my favorite pastime.
    I can touch my tongue to my nose.
    Basketball is my favorite sport.
    I love seeing shapes in clouds.
    Being with Rae makes me happy.
    Heights scare me.
  • Rae the Bush Baby

    I love playing board games. 
    I can see in the dark.
    What’s in the bag is my favorite activity.
    My favorite food is any kind of fruit.
    Being with Guion makes me happy.
    I'm scared of mean people.

    The Real Rae

    Hot tubbing is one of my favorite things to do.
    I am a talented artist.
    Coloring is my favorite activity
    I love to eat sushi.
    My dogs make me happy.
    Talking in front of groups scares me.
  • Hoke the Hippo

    Boxing is one of my favorite things.
    I love a good joke.
    Dot-to-dots are my favorite activity.
    I love to eat bbq pizza.
    Napping makes me happy.
    The dark scares me.

    The Real Hoke

    I love skateboarding.
    My sense of humor is unique.
    Word searches are my favorite activity.
    Steak and potatoes are my favorite thing to eat.
    Hanging out with friends makes me happy.
    I'm scared of getting stuck in the mud.
  • Wilson the Giraffe

    Reading is my favorite pastime.
    I don’t need a ladder.
    I love to play telephone.
    Banana pudding is my favorite food.
    My friends make me happy.
    I’m scared of tiny spaces.

    The Real Wilson

    Family vacation is my favorite pastime.
    I am a talented singer.
    My favorite activity is doing handstands.
    I love to eat guacamole.
    Family and friends make me happy.
    Snakes scare me.
  • Olivia the Ostrich

    Limbo skating is my jam.
    I’m super speedy quick.
    Mazes are so much fun.
    Banana pudding is my favorite food.
    Racing anyone and everyone makes me happy.
    I avoid spiders.

    The Real Olivia

    Traveling the world is my favorite thing to do.
    I like to bungee jump.
    Find the difference is my favorite activity.
    Cookies are one of my favorite foods.
    Rainbows make me smile.
    I don’t like the sight of blood.

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About the Founder

Rebecca Wilson Macsovits is a Colorado mother of three, including her oldest son, Guion, who happens to have Down syndrome. He inspired her to create the world of Guion the Lion, which shows readers that understanding those different from us doesn't have to be difficult; it just takes a little curiosity to begin a new adventure.
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